Anne Ahn Lund

Sustainability Manager, SF Studios

Anne Ahn Lund is Denmark’s first Sustainability Manager in the film and audiovisual industry and works with SF Studios eco-supervising film projects and leading policy changes.

She is co-founder of Nordic Eco Media Alliance (NEMA) where they aim to accelerate the sustainable transition in the Nordic audiovisual industries by bridging scientific knowledge and climate action.

She is developing the first Danish eco trainings, partnering with film schools, broadcasters and unions.

She co-founded Jordnær Creative in 2019 which ignited the sustainable film production agenda in Denmark and as a member of Global Green Media Network she co-authored a chapter in the collection “A companion to motion pictures and public value”.

She has worked as a freelance filmmaker since 2012 alongside getting her BA and MA degrees in Film and Audiovisual Aesthetics from UCPH.

At THIS 2022 she will attend our session about responsibility and sustainability on November 2.

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