Svensk, norsk, finsk eller islandsk serie // Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish or Icelandic series



PØRNI is a dramedy about a generous and altruistic everyday hero. Pørni is short for Pernille, she has tons of empathy, charm, and integrity. She is entertaining, compassionate, funny, quirky, and warm. She freaks out sometimes, but still manages to land on her feet, at least on one of them. PØRNI is a person you wish you had as a mother and friend.

Broadcaster: Viaplay

Production: Monster

Creators: Henriette Steenstrup, Gunnar Vikene, Charlotte Blom, Bård Fjulsrud and Ida Håndlykke


An intimate portrayal of the daily life of four police officers, where the line between private and professional life blurs out as tensions heighten in the animated and crime-ridden city of Malmö, Sweden. The work of the Swedish Malmö police is gritty and unglamorous. Dealing with death, social misery and the growth of criminal activity in the city’s notorious problem areas they keep their spirits up thanks to the strong bonds of the police force. The story centers around the lives of four police officers as they struggle to keep their human values intact.

Broadcaster: SVT

Production: Anagram productions Sweden

Creators: Cilla Jackert, Malin Marmgren, Erik Ahrnbom, Sanna Lenken, Anders Hazelius, Mikael Hansson, Martin Persson & Erik Magnusson


They are multimillionaires and fathers of young children, in stark contrast to a need for blind violence, drugs and sex and with a total disrespect for others and the idea of a social welfare model. EXITis a groundbreaking drama series with a unique insight into the shadow side of the newly rich Norway. Where season 1 mirrored the excess, season 2 will dig deep down into stock trading corruption.  

Broadcaster: NRK

Production: Fremantle Norway for NRK. Co-producers: DR, SVT, Yle, RUV.

Creators: Marianne Furevold-Boland, Petter Testmann-Koch & Øystein Karlsen



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