Frederik Schreiber

CEO, Slipgate Ironworks & 3D Realms

As the CEO of both Slipgate Ironworks and 3D Realms, Frederik Schreiber is bringing back old school retro FPS and RTS with an amazingly talented global team of over 200 developers working across 12+ projects in collaboration with many great studios!

Slipgate Ironworks and 3D Realms are characterised by Danish mentality, and a flat organisation structure where nothing is without meaning, and everyone is welcome at the table! Frederik Schreiber believes that it is important for teams to work on and own their own projects, and let each developer be able to grow into who they want to be!

At THIS 2022, Frederik Schreiber will join us for the session AAA in Denmark – Why it’s unfeasible, and what to do about it.

This talk will try to answer both of these questions by drawing on Frederik Schreiber’s personal experiences with starting up game companies and developing games in Denmark.

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