Henrik Højer

Associate Professor and Program-coordinator, VIA University College

Henrik Højer, MA in Scandinavian Literature and Film Studies from Aarhus University. Currently Associate Professor and Program-coordinator at VIA University College in Aarhus at the department of Film and Transmedia. He has furthermore given several lectures on film, television and transmedia and functioned as film and TV expert on TV (DR1), radio and in newspapers.

Henrik is also a writer, video-essayist and editor of the film journal 16:9 (www.16-9.dk) and have co-written and co-edited four anthologies on American TV drama (Fjernsyn for viderekomne, Turbine 2011), the Oscars (Guldfeber, Turbine 2013), Comedy (Helt til grin, 16:9 Books 2017) and Streaming (Streaming for viderekomne, 16:9 Books, coming out this fall).


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