Jarmo Lampela

Head of Drama, YLE, Finland

Jarmo Lampela has been working as the Head of Drama at YLE, the national public broadcasting company in Finland since 2015. He has formerly worked as a scriptwriter and directed numerous productions for cinema, television, and theatre since 1992. His recent mini-series for YLE Ihan Sama (Whatever) was nominated for Best Children and Youth Programme at the 2015 national Venla TV awards. As Head of Drama he is responsible for in-house drama development and production for television and radio. He also oversees external TV dramas.

Over the last years YLE has aimed to increase their international co-productions. So far over 11 different series have been produced or are in prodcution coorporating with 9 different countries. Another focus point is to create and produce Finnish drama, giving opportunities to new, young professionals.

Jarmo Lampela will be joining the signature session at Meet the Nordic Drama Bosses 2021 at THIS SERIES 2021.

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