Mikael Marcimain


Mikael Marcimain is a Swedish film, television, and commercial director. Mikael Marcimain’s proliferate career includes award-winning and ground-breaking TV series such as How Soon Is Now, The Laser Man, The Grave, Liberty and Hunt For A Killer.

Born in 1970 in Stockholm, Sweden, to West Indian and Swedish parents Marcimain is fluent in Swedish, English and French. He started his career in the movie industry in the early 90’s working as an assistant director, but had moved up the ranks already by 1996, getting his first director job at a Swedish TV series.

He debuted as a feature director in 2012 with Call Girl and immediately set his mark on the list of most interesting helmers of today, both at home and abroad. Call Girl won the International Critics’ Award at the Toronto International Film Festival and continued to bring on awards and international attention.


Mikael Marcimain went on to direct the adaptations Klas Östergren’s books, Gentlemen and Gangsters, which were released as both as a theatrical film, Gentlemen, and mini series, Gentlemen & Gangsters.

The Danish series Liberty took him back to the world of TV, and he received well-deserved critical acclaim for his unique way of telling stories in a compellingly visual way.

Mikael Marcimain stayed true to his form in the mini-series Hunt For A Killer, for which he once again received audience appreciation and critical acclaim.

In 2022, Mikael Marcimain is in the spotlight once more with Händelser vid vatten (Blackwater) featuring Pernilla August and Rolf Lassgård.

Mikael Marciman will join other Blackwater crew members as they take the stage on THIS SERIES 2022 in a session tell us more about their work with the series.

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