Mikkel Serup

Creator, Conceptual Director & Executive Producer, The Chestnut Man

Photo: Rolf Konow

Mikkel Serup is an acclaimed Danish director and creator, who has a long track record of high-profile titles within both films and TV series. In the The Chestnut Man production, a six episode adaptation of Søren Sveistrup’s novel of the same title, Mikkel Serup serves as conceptual director, director of the first three episodes and executive producer on the remaining three.

He conceptualized the Emmy Award winning The Protectors (Livvagterne) for DR and directed no less than 10 episodes of the series. This led to a collaboration with Søren Sveistrup on The Killing III (Forbrydelsen III) where once again he acted as conceptual director, this time directing the first two episodes.

Later in his career, Serup himself stepped into the role of creator, and together with co-creator Thor Bjørn Krebs, he developed Pros & Cons (Friheden) for Viaplay, with a successful first season launched in 2018 and followed up by a second season in 2020. Mikkel Serup has also directed two feature films; the first ever Danish boxing film, Pound for Pound (Den Bedste Mand) and the box office hit, The Reunion 2 – The Funeral (Klassefesten 2).

Mikkel Serup will be joining The Chestnut Man – A Renewal of the Nordic Noir Genre at THIS SERIES 2021.

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