Nicklas Larsen

Head of Arts and Culture, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies

Nicklas Larsen is deeply engaged with all things future. He is Senior Advisor at the non-profit think tank Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, at which he works with educational and cultural institutions to democratise and decolonise future thinking by fostering the capability of future literacy through talks, workshops and projects. In addition to this, he is a curator for UNESCO’s Futures Literacy Summit and SteerCo member of the Future Oriented Museum Synergies network, where he aims to bring the future out of ivory towers and board rooms into the hearts, hands and minds of the public through arts, culture, and education.

As CIFS’ chief researcher on Culture and Arts, Larsen employs his expertise to help audiences challenge dominant images of the future, and to understand how public and cultural institutions have the opportunity to decentralise the future, transform audiences into participants, enable new publicly shared images of desired futures, and welcome the individual to challenge boundaries and identify seeds of change.

Larsens portfolio is exceedingly diverse spanning across furture-projects dealing with everything from retail (IKEA), public service broadcasting (NRK + DR), coalition building for a sustainable health agenda in the Nordics (Nordic Health 2030) as well as in Canada (Canada health 2030) to catastrophic and existential risks (OECD GFC) along with art and tech as vehicles to imagine different futures (ARKEN MOMA).

Nicklas Larsen will join the session Future Stories & Engagement – WOKE is a Future Condition, Not a Choice on October 28 at THIS Conference.


“Transform audiences into participants,
and welcome the individual to challenge boundaries and identify seeds of change.”

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