Niklas Rockström

Scriptwriter, The Unlikely Murderer

Niklas Rockström is a Swedish scriptwriter credited with a long range of different productions. In collaboration with Wilhelm Behrman, he has written the series Before We Die (Inden Vi Dør) and the critically acclaimed series Caliphate (Kalifatet), which was nominated for Best Television Drama at Filmlance International AB in 2020. Aside from this, he is head writer of the series Alex and has also contributed as scriptwriter on the well-known Wallander series. Recently, he has once again teamed up with Wilhelm Behrman as co-writers of the Netflix series The Unlikely Murderer, about the story of how former Prime Minister Oluf Palme was mudered back in 1986.

Wilhelm Berhman will join the session The Unlikely Murderer – Re-interpreting a Swedish National Trauma at THIS SERIES 2021.

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