Paulina Olsson

Co-Founder & CEO, Peppy Pals and Peppy Agency

The young yet ambitious entrepreneur Paulina Olsson received her Master’s Degree in International Business from Copenhagen Business School in 2016. In this view, she has achieved a lot since then seeing that she is now the CEO of a succesful award-winning company specialising in teaching children about social and emotional intelligence through storytelling and humour. As such, Olsson strives through her work to achieve a kinder, more compassionate and inclusive future generation.

As a female leading a business in the tech-industry, she is a role model for a lot of other women within that field. At the age of 22, Olsson was named in Sweden’s Top 10 Most Innovative Entrepreneurs and in addition to this, she has been awarded by the Swedish King for her work with Peppy Pals and her value-based leadership skills.

Pauline Olsson will host the session Bye Bye Algorithms – Putting Diversity and Empathy First in Kids’ Media at THIS GAME 2021.

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