Philip Shelley

Leader of 4screenwriting Course by CHANNEL 4

Philip Shelley has more than 20 years experience working with scriptwriters, producers, and production companies and since 2011 he has been running the CHANNEL 4 Screenwriting course; 4Screenwriting Course.

Philip will look back over the 13 year history of the Channel 4 course – the writers who have emerged through the scheme, the ‘calling card’ scripts that have opened doors for them; and what he has learnt about writers and how to break into and then sustain a career in the world of TV drama screenwriting.

Philip will join us for a session, Championing the Writer, at THIS SERIES with Jessica Loveland and Bunmi Akintonwa.

The following day, November 4, he will facilitate the 4 hour long masterclass, under the same title, together with Jessica Loveland and a guest screenwriter.

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