Sanne Juncker Pedersen

Leader of Publikum Tættere På (Closer to the Audience), The Danish Film Institute

For the last few years Sanne Juncker Pedersen has worked closely with the film industry and new partners to create innovation and progress within the areas audience research and audience development. She is currently the leader of the Danish Film Institute’s newest initiative Closer to the Audience (Publikum Tættere På).

Backed by the fund PublikumsFokus of 3 DKK million annually, the Film Institute has so far aided 20 projects which among other things have studied audiences’ feelings, opinions, and considerations in relation to Danish film content.

For the last 17 years, Sanne Juncker Pedersen has worked with the Danish film audience while supervising more than 250 Danish productions on the aspects of launch and the meeting between audience and film. In addition, she has worked as script advisor in relation to audience potential on more than 600 cinema productions from simple, commercial films to leading art of the screen.

Sanne Juncker Pedersen will join the session Future Stories & Engagement – WOKE is a Future Condition, Not a Choice on October 28 at THIS Conference.


“The key to a big audience is to gather
across generations and movements.” 

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