How Video Games Can Deliver for People and the Environment

Trista Patterson, Director, New Media Lab, GRID-Arendal

Trista Patterson, PhD., Senior Economist, Senior Advisor and leader of the New Media Lab,  at GRID-Arendal in Norway, which is part of the UN Environment Collaboration Center, where new technologies like video games, VR, AR and interactive platforms and their applications in politics are tested worldwide for the UN, the World Bank, EU and others.

She advises on innovation and how to approve revenues in international development funds for global sustainable development goals.


She is also the lead writer behind the UN report ‘Playing for the Planet’. Through the perspectives from over 50 thought leaders from the industry, it extracts six recommendations to provoke new thinking, new collaborations, new games, and real-world impact. This study describes how the video game industry, gamers, policymakers, and UN Environment together can play for the Planet.


Session: Playing for the Planet: How Video Games Can Deliver for People and the Environment

Date: October 30th, 2019
Time: 1.15 PM – 1.40 PM
Venue: Studio 1, Filmby Aarhus

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