Young Streamers and Key Industry Lessons

Vilde Schanke Sundet, PhD and Researcher in Media and Communication, University of Oslo

Exclusive release of research results at Aarhus Series Festival:

Streaming is changing the media industries, forcing executives and decision-makers to rethink strategies and actions. A key concern has been how to attract young audiences and gain knowledge of their media habits.

How do industry executives perceive young people and their streaming habits? Are young people still seen as leading the path or is “everyone” a streamer today? And, how are these industry perceptions of a young streaming audience translated into production strategies and practices?

This talk presents the key lessons that industry executives and decision-makers have learned from the young streaming audience. It draws on nearly 40 in-depth qualitative interviews with leaders and executives from the Norwegian television, film, music, and book industries.

The session presents, first, how leaders across sectors address the common “youth challenge”, and second, how leaders, especially in the television industry, respond to this challenge in terms of strategies and practices.

The survey is conducted by the research group Streaming the cultural industries, STREAM, funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

Session: Young Streamers and Key Industry Lessons

The session will be hybrid – a mix between virtual and physical presence.

In session: Vilde Schanke Sunde

Date: October 30, 2020
Time: 2.50 PM – 3.00 PM
Venue: Filmby Aarhus, Studio 1 (Max 200 pers.)

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