Host: Felicia Elisabeth Jackson


Felicia Elisabeth Jackson is head of the leading Nordic industry mediafestival THIS – Future of Media & Content as well as the public series festival AARHUS SERIES and film festival AARHUS FILM DAYS, both of which are based in Filmby Aarhus, where she is also Head of Communication.

She is a Media Executive overseeing all aspects of the media and content industry, curating knowledge and network within storytelling, streaming, games, film, tv, series, immersive technologies & innovative business. Creating the foundation and bringing people together for impact and change.

She is the former Head of Copenhagen TV Festival, CPH Transform and has worked as a Senior Consultant at The Danish Broadcasting Corporation for many years. Felicia has a Master in Communication and an MBA in Management Development.

Felicia will be hosting THIS on all three tracks of the festival in 2023.

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