November 1 – November 4, 2022

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THIS GAME - Games in Japan


Change the World Through Sport


THIS SERIES: Genera+ion

THIS is an annual media festival in Aarhus, Denmark. It presents some of the best and most knowledgeable speakers within the fields of streaming, media, film, television, series, gaming, branding, advertising, and innovative business.

THIS is the place to be for everyone who wants to be on top of Future Stories and Engagement. It’s a three-in-one kind of event, as it combines THIS CONFERENCE, THIS GAME and THIS SERIES into one big event.

THIS is the best source of inspiration and new knowledge for all kinds of professional storytellers – including everyone from individual content producers to large-scale media companies and public organizations.

THIS is a source for inspiration and new knowledge for everyone who wants to tell stories you remember – both professional producers and aspiring talents. Stories with social relevance and cultural impact. Stories that echo through society and inspire dialogue and debate.

THIS is a platform for cross-pollination among creative professionals from different sectors. People, who all share the same desire to discuss the challenges of tomorrow and to improve the quality of the stories we produce and distribute.


THIS EVENTS: Rupaul Dragrace

THIS EVENTS is a recurring series of monthly masterclasses, seminars and workshops aimed at established professionals and aspiring talents within the field of film and television.

THIS EVENTS presents prominent professionals that zoom in on specific tendencies, trends and changes that affect the way we tell stories.

THIS EVENTS also represents an opportunity for all professional storytellers, producers and other people within the field that wish to become part of a local/national network focusing on Future Stories and Engagement.

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