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Nordic Game Conference and Community

At THIS GAME 2022, we focus on the dynamics of the games you play and the communities that form around them. Games and their community of players are mutually dependent and evolve together in a shared passion about the experience, the gameplay, the narrative, the co-creation, the art, the universe and even the business model.

At THIS GAME 2022, we investigate how game developers get inspired from working with or even co-creating with their community? How do you ignite and support the community to grow big and be ambassadors for the games we make? On what platforms do they thrive? And how do you act when the collaboration goes wrong and the developers and the community disagree about new features, development or balancing of the game or adjustment of the business model?

How do Play 2 Earn business models affect the motivation for engaging in the games communities? How do communities drive additional business in you games? And how can communities support a diverse and non-toxic culture in and around our games?

These are just some of the questions we will dive into answering together with a great line-up of speakers at THIS GAME 2022.

Speakers will be announced in the coming months.


Tuesday, November 1, 2022

11 AM – 6 PM

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Venue info

Filmby Aarhus is the center of film and media production in Jutland and houses more than 80 companies working in the digital visual industry. Filmby Aarhus is placed in raw and industrial surroundings at the South Harbor.

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