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Hey there visionary people!

Are you ready to dive into the fascinating world of digital fashion, sustainability, and immersive storytelling? Get your creative gears turning because Aarhus University, VIA University College, and MANND are hosting a hackathon where you will get to play with the future of fashion – all in the virtual realm!

Mark your calendars for the hackathon that will be part of THIS festival taking place on November 2, 2023 – a full-day extravaganza where you’ll be collaborating with great minds of the digital space. 

Our case company will be Virtuall, teaming up with one of their brand partners, a sustainable fashion company (TBA).


What to know about Virtuall?

“At Virtuall, we are architects of the immersive internet, pioneering the way for the fashion industry, games, and 3D channels to scale effortlessly with virtual products.

Our cornerstone is a cutting-edge Virtual Brand Management platform tailored to the fashion industry. Through automation, product distribution, and channel management, we’ve simplified the process of managing customer journeys with virtual fashion across 3D channels such as games, AR, Web3, and immersive social media.”

Challenges that will set your imagination ablaze

Amplify Sustainable Fashion through Virtual Experiences:

How can you elevate the message and DNA of a sustainable fashion item using virtual experiences? How can 3D and extended reality create a compelling story around such an item? Unleash your storytelling prowess as you explore ways to communicate the brand’s values, craftsmanship, and sustainability efforts through immersive digital narratives.


What to expect from this experience?

The perfect playground for digital fashion enthusiasts: Whether you’re a digital storytelling wizard, an extended reality prodigy, or a sustainability enthusiast, this hackathon will welcome you with open arms.

Green innovation and sustainable practices: Dive deep into the world of digital and sustainable fashion with Virtuall and their partner brand. Explore their groundbreaking practices, learn from their experts, and contribute to their mission.

Expert mentors: Fear not, dear participants! Throughout the hackathon, seasoned mentors from MANND, AU and VIA will be by your side to inspire, guide, and elevate your ideas to new heights. They are well-versed in immersive technologies (AR, VR, MR), the metaverse and their storytelling potential.

Remember, digital fashion is no longer just a concept; it’s a reality that is shaping the industry’s future. So, if you’re passionate about transforming the world of fashion, this hackathon is your calling.


November 2, 2023

10:00 AM –  05:00 PM

MiXR Lab, Filmbyen 4, 6th floor



Grab your seat at the table of fashion revolutionaries and embrace the magic of digital storytelling and extended reality!

If you wish to participate, send an email with a short motivation and your background to Kata Börönte at until October 26, 2023.

Registration is open for everyone interested in digital fashion.

The hackathon is part of the “Sustainable Digital Transformation of the Lifestyle Industry: The Potential of XR and Digital Storytelling for Green Innovation and Virtual Production” project funded by Vision DK.


Photo: MANND

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