Exploring the Opportunities of Gaming as Media

Nikolaj Nyholm, Entrepreneur, Founder, and Chairman, Astralis Group

Video gaming has since its genesis about 30 years ago outgrown both the TV, movie, and music industries. Its success has come from actively engaging its audience, whether as role players in adventure games or contenders in high-adrenaline sports and shooter games. Players have become so immersed in their games that they’ve taken over where the creators stopped; PUBG, Dota, and Counter-Strike all originated as mods of other games and an army of players have started creating video, sharing their latest Minecraft creations on YouTube, streaming themselves gaming on Twitch, or participating in esports tournaments rivaling sports on broadcast TV.

This session will explore the opportunities of gaming as media, from the most-watched franchise during COVID-19 lock-down (hint: it was a video game and not on Netflix) to the expectations of a generation which would rather play or watch games than engage in any other media format.

Nikolaj Nyholm is a five-time entrepreneur and former venture capitalist, now founder and chairman of Astralis Group. Astralis Group is home to esports powerhouses Astralis (Counter-Strike), Origen (League of Legends), and Future FC (FIFA), and became the first esports company to IPO on Nasdaq Copenhagen in December 2019.

During his VC tenure, Nikolaj specialized in video game investments, including interests in studios Seriously (Best Fiends) and Mojang (Minecraft). As an entrepreneur, he was a founder of Polar Rose (exit to Apple), Imity (exit to Vodafone), and Ascio (exit to GroupNBT).


Session: Exploring the Opportunities of Gaming as Media

In session: Nikolaj Nyholm, Entrepreneur, Founder and Chairman of Astralis Group

Date: October 29, 2020
Time: 1 PM – 1.30 PM
Venue: Filmby Aarhus, Studio 1 (Max 200 pers.)

Read more: www.astralisgroup.net

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