Taking on the Giants of the Game World From the Basement


How do you take on the entire game industry from your basement? And how do you find the stamina to keep developing year after year until you finally (maybe!) make it?

In game Necesse


Mads Skovgaard will tell you about his thought process and experience with being an indie developer, and how he has managed to succeed with his game Necesse.

He will touch on how he chose to develop his own game engine, and why that might be a problem now. He will also share how you get your game to stand out on Steam, and how and why you should consider multiplayer as a feature in your game!

He will explain the thoughts behind his early-days-choices with Necesse and what he thinks he should or could have done differently – now that Necesse is no longer just a hobby project but big business.



November 1


1.50 PM – 2.10 PM  


Filmby Aarhus, Studio 1


Mads Skovgaard, Developer, Necesse Gaming


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