Mads Skovgaard

Developer, Necesse Gaming

28-year-old Mads Skovgaard started as a solo-developer 10 years ago, working on his hobby project: Necesse. He’s build his own engine, network protocol and in 2019 he had an early access release on Necesse.

But how is it to be an indie developer working at home and alone for so many years and how do you make your hobby a business?

At THIS 2022 Mads Skovgaard will feature in a talk with our host, telling us about his journey from the basement to the front page og STEAM. He will talk about the importance of thinking ahead – both when it comes to marketing and game developing.

He will explain the thoughts behind his early-days-choices with Necesse and what he thinks he should have done differently – now that Necesse is no longer just a hobby project but big business.


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