Hits & Misses – Where the Convergence of Games, Series & Film Have Succeeded… and Failed


Gamers and general entertainment audiences are spoiled for choice on how to view and/or play their favorite games, episodic series, films and an almost endless variety of content. From streaming TV’s to powerful laptops, phones, and tablets; studios, game developers and virtually any content creator have never had so many options to bring their content to the world.

However, with all these options, comes a harsh learning curve over past decades – namely, what IP and content have worked across the entertainment spectrums in spectacular fashion – and which have crashed and burned!

In this session, Hal Bame dives into the history, current state and potential futures of digital entertainment convergence – and perhaps more importantly, how that convergence can be successfully planned and executed by game developers and other content creators, for the audiences that make them live or die.


October 31, 2023

1:00 PM – 1:45 AM

Filmby Aarhus, Studio 1



Hal Bame, Video Games Industry Professional, Founder, and Investor

Session host: Mette Bom, Communications & Campaign Advisor

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