Hal Bame

Video Games Industry Professional, Founder, and Investor

Hal Bame has been involved in the interactive entertainment industry for over 20 years, having been a Founder, Investor, Corporate Exec, and Advisor with numerous companies in the space.

Hal has worked and lived across the globe, beginning his video game industry career with PlayStation Europe leading their publishing, marketing and distribution efforts to develop the Central & Eastern European region, including Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic and a host of other countries.

He then took on an even larger international role at Codemasters, with its massive racing franchises like Race Driver GRID and DiRT rally series and played a key role in revitalizing the Formula 1 gaming franchise, when Codemasters signed the official rights in 2008.

It was this role at Codemasters which led Hal moving to Singapore, where he grew and developed the Formula 1 gaming franchise across APAC and the Middle East, which were the key and fastest growing emerging markets for the pinnacle of motorsport.

Hal then became Founder and Advisor to several gaming & esports startups in the following years and since 2018, has been working in the Web3 and Blockchain industries, along with his continued involvement with investment funds and startups in the Web2 & Web3 technology spaces as a whole.

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