The Adolescence of Immersive Industry


Immersive (XR) storytelling industry is slowly, but surely, entering its second decade, which offers us a great opportunity to summarize the wins and the challenges of the exponentially growing digital market.

How can we unlock the cultural potential of XR and create value for new audiences?

What are the main differences from a European and American perspective?

What are the potential strengths of the Nordic creative ecosystem?

Ana Brzezińska has a background as XR Curator and Creative Producer, and she is currently responsible for Immersive programming at Tribeca Festival. At THIS CONFERENCE 2022, she will give her insights into the field of immersive storytelling.

Ana Brzezinska



November 1, 2022


9.40 AM – 10.05 AM


Filmby Aarhus, Studio 1


Ana Brzezińska, Immersive Curator, Tribeca Games

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