Zelda Barnz

Co-creator and Co-showrunner, Genera+ion

At just 17 years old, writer and producer Zelda Barnz created and sold the pilot for her scripted series Genera+ion to HBO Max. When Zelda was 18, Genera+ion was the first pilot that HBO Max ordered to series. As an openly queer woman and young showrunner, Zelda uses her voice to tell authentic and genuine stories from her own unique lens.

Zelda was adopted by Ben and Daniel Barnz and grew up in Los Angeles attending high school at Oakwood Secondary School, where she was co-leader of the school’s Rainbow Alliance and was heavily involved in the school’s Arts Festival. She was a rower with the California Yacht Club for three years prior to creating Genera+ion. Zelda also volunteers at the West Hollywood Food Coalition and attends Yale University.

Zelda Barnz will join the session Genera+ion – Co-Creating A Portrait of a Generation at THIS SERIES 2021.

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