Helene Aurø

Sales & Marketing Director, REinvent Studios

Helene has been responsible for the sales of documentaries, formats, and fiction series from all the Nordic countries and especially from DR for the last 20 years. From 2003 until 2018, she has been Sales & Marketing Director at DR Sales responsible for a team of 12 and making a turn around for Nordic content which at the time was not known in Europe and the USA.

She has marketed Denmark and Danish content on a global level and each series sold to more than 40 to 80 countries. She has sold all types of rights: TV, DVD, TVOD, SVOD, remakes etc. Among her clients are all the main players like BBC, Netflix, ARTE, FOX, and many others. In 2018, Helene has become the Sales & Marketing Director of REinvent Studios.

Among the sold series are: Borgen, Bedrag, Lykkeland, Forbrydelsen, The Killing, Når Støvet Har Lagt Sig, Arvingerne, Home Ground , Den Femte Årstiden, Norskov, Matador, Heartless, Liberty, Herrens Veje & Thannanaya.

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