Keynote: How to Survive the Streaming Apocalypse


“Dinosaur media businesses must adapt.” – Evan Shapiro

For years, media and entertainment companies have been at war with each other, fighting tooth and nail to secure audiences. But as subscriber growth is coming to a halt, international streamers are changing strategies and reinventing their services. What does this changed scenery entail for the Nordics?

In this opening keynote at THIS SERIES, Evan Shapiro zooms in on the Nordic TV and streaming landscape.

With us, Shapiro will share data insights on TV and streaming usage and economics to provide a deeper understanding of the Nordic media market and its position in a global media ecosystem.

Shapiro will also speak at our main track, THIS CONFERENCE where he will provide insights into creator economy across media industries. There will also be a side event with Shapiro in which you will get the chance to discuss your own work and challenges with Shapiro in a one-on-one session (details to follow)


November 2, 2023

9:15 AM – 10:15 AM

Filmby Aarhus, Studio 1



Evan Shapiro, Media Universe Cartographer and Professor of Media & Entertainment

Host: Felicia Elisabeth Jackson, Festival Director, THIS



Keynote: Media War & Peace

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