Kind of a True Story – The Declaration of Content


As documentaries and fiction based on true crime have become increasingly popular with the rise of streaming services, filmmakers continue to push the traditional boundaries of non-fiction storytelling to capture audiences. 

Inventing Anna, The Tinder SwindlerThe Dropout, Mommy Dead and Dearest, Dopesick, Clark, Knutby, The Staircase. Quite a few titles, and all them very popular. But they do not come without criticism. 

The stories of real-life people and factual/historical events can be just as exciting and thrilling as fictional stories – if you do it right. But the responsibilities of non-fiction filmmakers are not equal to those of a Hollywood filmmaker. 

How are the boundaries between non-fiction and fiction balanced when you dramatize factual events and the lives of real people? How much are you allowed to twist the truth? 

Genre-mixing is here to stay, so how do you declare your content? Do you even have to?

Join us for a discussion with Jesper Dalgaard, documentarist and film maker (Kandis for Livet), and Piodor Gustafsson, Director of Scripted Content, TV4 Media and C More. 



November 2


1.30 PM – 2.00 PM


Filmby Aarhus, Studio 1


Jesper Dalgaard

Piodor Gustafsson

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