Mai Brostrøm & Peter Thorsboe


Mai Brostrøm is a Danish actor and scriptwriter. As an actor, Mai Brostrøm has worked in theater and the series “Én Gang Strømer” and “Rejseholdet” where she was also a scriptwriter.

Peter Thorsboe is a Danish scriptwriter. He, alongside Stig Thorsboe, has been a main writer on series such as “Station” and “Landsbyen”, and written for “Morten Korch – Ved Stillebækken” and “Taxa”.

Mai Brostrøm and Peter Thorsboe have collaborated for more than 20 years, and together, they have co-created “Rejseholdet”, “Ørnen” and “Livvagterne” for which they have been awarded an Emmy for Best International Drama.

Most recently, the duo has been working as the main writers on the series “Modus”, “Mord Uden Grænser” and “Oxen”.

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