Host: Marie Høst

Tech Journalist, Digital Media Developer, and Strategist

Marie Høst is a tech journalist, moderator and podcast host with an eye for communicating complex subject areas.

Marie produces and hosts the podcast Blinde Vinkler (Blind Angles) where she investigates the impact of technology on our lives and how tech is reproducing bias, as well as the podcast MEME dig til magten (MEME your way to power) alongside Katrine K. Pedersen.

Marie Høst is an experienced moderator and presenter on subject areas like technology and the intersections with arts and culture.

Marie Høst will host THIS GAME 2022, November 1 with Anna Erlandsson where they will lead the investigation on how game developers get inspired from working and co-creating with their communities.

On THIS CONFERENCE 2022, Marie Høst and her fellow MEME dig til magten-host, Katrine K. Pedersen will join for a session on The Power of Memes.

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