The Power of Memes


Movements that are hatched in pop and gaming culture on platforms like TikTok and Youtube often move under the radar for long periods of time.

They tend to hit our children’s feed before they hit ours, and are therefore not taken seriously – even though their influence is unavoidable.

We have seen a recent example of this with the pyramid scheming, misogynistic social media star, Andrew Tate, who, despite not owning a TikTok account of his own, rose to fame on the platform.

The impact that memes have on real world politics, culture and identity may still be surprising to many, but we need to start waking up to the power of memes.

Tech journalist and moderator, Marie Høst, and specialist in digital culture, Katrine K. Pedersen, host the podcast MEME dig til magten (MEME your way to power).

In each episode, they dissect a current meme, unfolding the movement it represents and the power it yields. Memes that you need to know, because they are already changing your reality.

In the session, The Power of Memes, Marie Høst and Katrine K. Pedersen will touch on the influence memes have on real world politics, culture and identity.



November 2


2.00 PM – 2.30 PM  


Filmby Aarhus, Studio 1


Marie Høst, Tech Journalist, Digital Media Developer, and Strategist

Katrine K. Pedersen, Digital Culture Expert


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