Katrine K. Pedersen

Specialist & Consultant in Digital Culture and Changes Strategies

Katrine K. Pedersen is a rhetorician as well as specialist and consultant in digital culture and changes strategies. She is associate lecturer at IT-University Copenhagen

She has formerly worked for HBO Nordic, The Danish Broadcasting Company, and The Danish Film Institute as well as The British Film Institute. Moreover, she has been nominated as a part of an international expert panel concerned with Facebook’s censorship algorithm.

As a frequent media commentator and expert, Katrine K. Pedersen was previously based in Silicon Valley for research where she wrote about art, culture and digital culture for Weekendavisen, KommunikationsForum, SCENARIO, and co-edited the American culture magazine, Pan & The Dream.

She is an internationally acclaimed writer of four books, including the titles Phono Sapiens – Det Langsomme Pattedyr På SpeedMODKULTUR, and De Digitalt Udsatte. In 2012, she founded the independent publishing house Loopland Press along with the online magazine The Human Situation.

Katrine K. Pedersen hosts the podcast MEME dig til magten (MEME your way to power) alongside Marie Høst.

The duo will do a joint session on The Power of Memes at THIS CONFERENCE 2022.

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