René Rechtman

CEO, Moonbug Entertainment

René Rechtman has more than 20 years of experience within media, advertisment and streaming. Today, he is the CEO and founder of Moonbug Entertainment, a company specialising in tv-shows for children. Moonbug Entertainment is behind CoComeleon, the most popular animation series in the world for preschool children. Moonbug Entertainment produce content for a wide range of streaming services, like HBO Max, Hulu, Viaplay, Apple TV and Sky, and it has leading viewership on the platforms Netflix, Youtube and Amazon Prime Video. As such, René Rechtman has launched not only a succes but also a whole new perspective on how to create good content for children.

Rechtman, who was born and raised in Copenhagen, became managing director for the advert company Tradedoubler in 1999. He went on to become joint owner and director of the Danish video advert firm GoViral, a company he later sold in 2011. He then joined Maker Studios as investor and president and then later sold the company to Disney. Naturally, he then became Head of Non-Linear Media & Senior Vice President in The Walt Disney Company International. In 2018, he founded Moonbug Entertainment.

Accordingly, Rechtman’s CV is marked by a wide range of international  experience in various fields. He will join the session Creating the World’s Largest Digital Kids Media Company In Less Than 3 Years at THIS CONFERENCE 2021.

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