The Elephant in the Writing Room


AI is becoming more mainstream – meaning there’s a whole new world of easy-to-use tools that writers can experiment with.

In this talk, we’ll introduce you to experimentation with AI and showcase a few different explorations you can try to enhance your writing. A mix of background information, ethical considerations, and tips on tools you can use right now to make writing a more exciting task.

At the end, we’ll then make an “exquisite corpse” together by using prompts and input from direct audience participation along with the inhuman genius of artificial intelligence to cobble together a unique piece of writing co-authored by all attendees.


November 2, 2023

4:15 PM – 5:00 PM

Filmby Aarhus, Studio 1



Charlene Putney, co-founder, Write with LAIKA

Martin Pichlmair, co-founder, Write with LAIKA

Host: Ann Lind Andersen, Film and Series Expert

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