There is an AI Behind the Scenes


AI is coming at a breathtaking pace to disrupt the film and TV industry. But to what extent? Yes, it will take jobs and yes, it will make things more efficient and fun, but can it be trusted to tell our stories?

Over the past three years, creative producer and immersive director, Mads Damsbo has through the feature film “About A Hero” – a film written by an AI trained to be Werner Herzog – worked with novel AI tools, in all stages of film production. From conception and pre-visualization, to editing and VFX. A journey that has resulted in him co-founding Kaspar, that is developing an AI powered editing assistant.

In THIS talk, Damsbo will give a sprawling overview of the available tools of today, demoing them in real time, and subsequently discuss with the audience the underlying potential and problems with human machine co-creation.


November 2, 2023

3:40 PM  4:30 PM  

Filmby Aarhus, Studio 1



Mads Damsbo, Founder and Producer, Makropol

Host: Ann Lind Andersen, Film and Series Expert

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