White Sands – Developing TV Series from Regional Cultural DNA

Jakob Høgel, Producer, Anthropologist, and Consultant at Nationalmuseet

The Central West Coast of Denmark is a beautiful region which has never been portrayed in a major tv-series. The region itself decided to do something about this. The aim was not just to have a series shot in the region but to create a series from the ground up that works with the region’s cultural DNA.

The initiative started in 2017 when the region was European Capital of Culture and the two driving forces have been the regional film hub, Filmby Aarhus, and the municipality, Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune.

A thorough development program was arranged in a local town, Hvide Sande, which included local entrepreneurs and storytellers, architects, anthropologists, and other researchers. An open competition made regional development funding available to selected production companies.

Now, a major series, appropriately named White Sands, is in production, produced by Aarhus-based Deluca Film and commissioned by TV2 Denmark among others.

This session sheds light on regional content development. Will we get better tv series if they grow out of regional cultural DNA? How does one capture the essence of a region?


Session: White Sands – Developing TV Series from Regional Cultural DNA

Date: Friday, 30 October
Time: TBA
Venue: Filmby Aarhus, Studio 1, Aarhus, Denmark

Read more: filmbyaarhus.dk

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