Anja C. Andersen

Professor, Niels Bohr Institute

Anja C. Andersen is one of the leading astrophysicians in Denmark, more specifically, she is professor of astrophysics and planet research at the Niels Bohr Institute.

This year, she has teamed up with producer Marie Breyen. Together they came up with the idea of making a Christmas calendar surrounded by a scientific universe. Kometernes Jul (Christmas of the Comets) and Et Univers Udenom (The Universe Beyond) will premiere this December on TV 2 and additional platforms. These two projects are the forerunners to the celebratory Videnskabsår22 which is a national year of science, also headed by Breyen and Andersen in joint effort.

The TV Christmas calendar Kometernes Jul will premiere in December 2021 on TV 2, but before then, Anja C. Andersen will join Marie Breyen at the session A Scientific Christmas Calendar – Kicking Off Year of Science ‘22 Through a National Series at THIS CONFERENCE 2021 and give us a sneak peak of what we can expect from a scientific Christmas calendar.

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