Anne Diemer

Chief Negotiator, TV 2 Denmark

Since 2018, Anne Diemer has worked as chief negotiator and now also team leader at TV 2 Danmark.

In addition to negotiating rights and budgets for TV 2’s productions, Anne has over the past 4 years worked with TV 2 Danmark’s sustainability strategy towards the external producers, e.g., in close cooperation with the alliance across the industry, Bftp, Sustainable Film and TV Production. As a result, TV 2 Danmark now has five Green Film certified productions, and more are on the way. TV 2 Danmark has a clear strategy towards the external producers, i.a. the productions must submit a Sustainability Plan.


With Anne’s experience from the production environment, it has been important to guide the productions to the green transition.

Anne Diemer has worked with production in film and television since 2000, both in the production environment and at broadcasters.

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