Cécile Ducrocq


Cécile Ducrocq splits her time between cinema and series.

In 2015, she directed La Contre Allée, which was in selection at Cannes’ Semaine de la critique and the Sundance festival. It was awarded Best short film at Les César.

At the same time, she was working with Eric Rochant, writing for season 5 of Le Bureau des Légendes, as well as with Fanny Herrero for season 4 of Call My Agent.

In 2020, she directed Une Femme du Monde, her first long feature, which was nominated at Les César.

The same year, Cécile Ducrocq created – alongside Benjamin Adam – her first series, L’Opéra. Cécile Ducrocq has written, directed, and acted as showrunner of the series. It released on OCS in 2021, and the second season will be broadcast in September 2022.

At THIS 2022 Cécile will join us for the session Meet the French Creators on THIS SERIES. She will also join us for a public screening of her first series, L’Opéra at AARHUS SERIES the following day.

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