Meet the French Creators


Each year, THIS will focus on a specific country outside the Nordics. This year it’s France and in collaboration with French event Série Series, we invite you to meet four prominent French creators at THIS 2022.

So what is it with our French TV love affair?

French series are experiencing a high when it comes to viewers across the globe. Many have latched on to French content across traditional broadcast channels and streaming platforms. Coupled with a growing comfort with subtitles, French series are flourishing abroad.

Netflix have even said they’ve seen the viewing hours of non-English content grow 90% from 2019 to 2020 in the UK, clearly indicating a rise in interest and demand for foreign storytelling. Such platforms have taken non-English-language content to audiences around the world, so there’s much more appetite than there used to be.

But there wouldn’t be an interest if it weren’t for the stories. So what makes a 2022 series significantly French? What are the challenges they face, and what advice do they have when creating stories to an international audience?

Meet screenwriter and director Cécile Ducrocq in an interview about her role as the creator behind L’Opéra which launched in France in late September.

She will be joined on stage by the team behind Netflix’ Notre-Dame, the new series based on the fire engulfed events in 2019 where the iconic French cathedral, Notre-Dame caught fire and burned for 15 hours, sustaining serious damage. The team will give insight into the proces of the production of one of the most expected and ambitious series of the current French market.

Screenwriter and director, Hervé Hadmar, screenwriter, Olivier Bocquet and producer, Aimée Buidine will attend and answer questions regarding the making of this impressive series with a theme that touches upon a tragedy that hit the entire country.

This session is created in collaboration with the French festival Série Series, The French Institute and Creative Europe Media Desk.



November 3


1.15 PM – 2.00 PM


Filmby Aarhus, Studio 1


Cécile Ducrocq, Screenwriter & Director

Hervé Hadmar, Screenwriter & Director

Olivier Bocquet, Screenwriter

Aimée Buidine, Producer

Session photo @ Netflix

Série, Series, The French Institute and Creative Media Desk.

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