Olivier Bocquet


Author Olivier Bocquet has worked as a highway gas station attendant, an events photographer, the manager at a restaurant in Montmartre, a deliveryman, a translator, and even a chick-sexing specialist.

After writing and directing short programs for French children television, Olivier Bocquet decided to change his professional orientation.

In the last ten years, he has written twenty comic books and two novels. His work earned him international critical and public recognition, as well as several awards.


Notre-Dame is his debut into the writing of television series.

In addition to these occupations, he has written programs for children’s television channels, created previews for TV shows, written a short film, worked on advertisements, and completed a prize-winning thriller novel called Turpitudes in 2010.

Most recently, Olivier Bocquet has worked on realising the series Notre-Dame as one of the screenswriters.


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