Creating Emotional Drama


They gave us EXIT, SKAM, Lykkeland, and 22. Juli – the list goes on. What they all have in common is that they evoke a wide range of emotions in us when we watch them. 

With a future-proof focus on the new streaming-based media landscape, NRK has focused on creating content so good that people actively choose to watch it instead of simply letting themselves being exposed to it, half asleep on the couch with the tv turned on. 

In June 2022 Marianne Furevold-Boland took over as new Head of Drama at NRK, and at THIS 2022 she will share her visions on the future of NRK Drama. When appointed she said, “It’s amazing to get a chance to create stories that open our minds and hearts, and to create space for conservations and curiosity.” According to her, the best dramas help us dealing with both the small and big challenges in life.  


For years, NRK has been in the lead when it comes to producing local and original drama in the Nordics. With a sharp focus on quality and a will to invest in telling the best stories, the Norwegian production community and NRK have produced a long list of successful series, and they are showing no signs of stopping. 

Creating Emotional Drama is be a part of our Nordic Trends theme, and Marianne Furevold-Boland will give us her insights into the drama production strategies at NRK.

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