Crime Does Pay


Crime Does Pay might not be what you are used to hearing, but in terms of television it just happens to be the case.

Piodor Gustafsson, Director of Scripted Content, TV4 Media & C More, will join THIS 2022 for a session about C More’s take on the crime genre. C More has been one of the fastest growing services in Sweden, and one of the leading suppliers of Swedish drama.

The session will give you insights into the field of crime series and how C More develop and produce successful crime series.

There is a rise in new crime series, both in form of true crime but also fictional crime.

Not only on TV, but also podcasts and books. But why? And what makes a crime story a successful crime story?

Piodor will show snippets of some of the best crime series from C More and TV4 and explain what it is that makes the shows so great.

Crime Does Pay is part of our Nordic Trends theme in which we take a closer look at the strategies of Nordic productions and the trends that affect them.


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