Dunja Gry Jensen

Creator, The Dreamer - Becoming Karen Blixen

Dunja Gry is a Copenhagen-based screenwriter and creator, known for NORSKOV (2015-17), QEDA (2017) and THE GOOD TRAITOR (2020). Her work includes documentaries, shorts, features and prime time series, and she has won several awards and nominations, including The Danish Film Award for ‘Best Screenplay’ and the Danish TV Award for ‘Best Series’.

Dunja Gry is the mother of three and a Buddhist practitioner. She is currently studying cybernetic psychoanalysis for an upcoming project.

At THIS 2022 Dunja will join the stage at the session The Dreamer – Fictionalizing Reality on THIS SERIES November 3 to talk about her work as the creator behind Viaplays’ The Dreamer – Becoming Karen Blixen.

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