Hormones! – How Many Puberties Can There Be in One Lifetime?


In this edition of THIS SERIES 2023, we bring a sharp focus back on the Nordic series industry by presenting some of the most socially relevant and culturally impactful series.

We highlight their strengths and discuss the challenges they have faced to bring forth the lessons we can learn from each other.

“Hormones!” is about Elena and Patrik and unexpected love at the turning point of middle age. The series also drags into its whirlpool the main couple’s adult children, exes, friends, and parents, all of whom have their own moments of hormonal turmoil. How many puberties can there be in one lifetime?

“Hormones!” premiered in the fall of 2023 on YLE in Finland and it is sold to all the Nordic countries.

The story is Johanna Vuoksenmaa’s new comedy-drama, in which the characters swirl around in a sea of biological and psychological changes.

In this session, we sit down to talk with her and actor Karoliina Blackburn (Elena) about their work with “Hormones!”


November 2, 2023

03:25 PM – 03:50 PM

Filmby Aarhus, Studio 1



Johanna Vuoksenmaa, Scriptwriter and Director

Karoliina Blackburn, Actor

Host: Manu Sareen, Author and Coach

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