Session host: Keld Reinicke

Media Executive and Entrepreneur

Keld Reinicke is a Danish media executive overseeing all aspects of the media and content industry.

For the past 20 years, Keld Reinicke has been involved in the development of some of the most successful local and international Danish TV formats in entertainment, drama, factual entertainment, comedy, and events.

His heart lies with program development and running/facilitating the creative process – and the continued support and development of the Nordic TV market as a vital and innovative part of the European TV industry.


He is engaged in educating, developing new talents and expanding the quality of programming in his work at the Danish Film School and several Danish universities and schools educating young people for working in television.

In recent years, he has specialised in expanding the focus on the digital platforms, cross-promotion and producing for social media. Furthermore, he is active in the crossover field between the gaming and television industry.

Keld Reinicke is a recurring keynote speaker and host at THIS SERIES, and he will also be speaking at the conference this year.

He is also hosting the following sessions:
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