Session host: Halfdan E


Halfdan E is one of Denmark’s premier film composers and divides his time between beautiful Copenhagen and cutting-edge London.

With an immediately recognisable signature style, Halfdan has scored in excess of 30 films and 10 tv series. Most recent credits include the Netflix Original series “Ragnarok” (2020), crime series “DNA II” (2023), “Below The Surface II” (2019), Finnish feature “Ihmisen Osa” (2018) and the ever popular Danish series “Badehotellet”, which broadcasts to huge audiences in all the Nordic countries and is now in its 9th series.

A multi-award winning composer, Halfdan first burst onto the international scene with his iconic music for all three series of political drama “Borgen”, a series that ignited a global hunger for Scandinavian influenced drama and is still screened all over the world. In 2017, Halfdan delivered and award-worthy score for BBC1’s highly acclaimed, psychological thriller “Apple Tree Yard”, directed by Jessica Hobbs for Kudos Film & TV, starring Emily Watson and Ben Chaplin.

Halfdan is currently touring Denmark with his live production of his ever successful three albums with Danish poet extraordinaire Dan Turèll while working on an upcoming series for Danish broadcaster DR.

Halfdan started his career in music as a bass player in many different bands before joining the group Laid Back. The band’s international hits included “Sunshine Reggae”, “Bakerman” and “White Horse. He later teamed up with the Danish poet Dan Turèll and together they recorded two hit albums, winning two Danish Emmys. Already an established rock star before studying for a degree at Copenhagen’s Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Halfdan majored in playing, composition, orchestration, arranging and sound engineering.

In addition to feature and drama composing, Halfdan is the chairman of the Danish Guild of Media Composers BFM, playing a vital part of the Nordic Film Composers’ Network. He proudly cares for his wonderful family with three children, a cat and a rabbit. As you would expect from our Danish friend, he travels by bike at every opportunity and takes ice baths whenever time allows.

Halfdan E is hosting The Importance of Music in TV – How to Get the Right Tone for the Right Show with Nikko Weidemann.

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