Taelgia – Families Caught in a Spiral of Gang Violence


In this edition of THIS SERIES 2023, we bring a sharp focus back on the Nordic series industry by presenting some of the most socially relevant and culturally impactful series.

We highlight their strengths and discuss the challenges, they have faced to bring forth the lessons we can learn from each other.

Brought by SVT, “Taelgia” tells a story about families, police and criminals caught in a crossfire of loyalties and tough demands.

The series follows two Syrian families, Ozguns and the Hannas, in a small Swedish city called Södertälje, which is dominated by the local Syrian mafia, The Syndicate.

In one family, Zabell Hanna returns home as a police officer after years of absence. A real “rarity” – the only Syrian female officer in the force – she is asked to investigate the local Syrian mafia, at the risk of putting herself and her family in danger.


November 2, 2023

1:40 PM – 2:05 PM

Filmby Aarhus, Studio 1



Jens Östberg, Director

Sara Shirpey, Actor

Host: Arian Kashef, Actor



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