Henk Rogers

Chairman of the Board, The Tetris Company

From international gaming phenomena to landmark environmental initiatives, Dutch-born entrepreneur and innovator Henk Rogers has always been at the vanguard of systemic change.

His commitment to a sustainable future for our planet continues to be his driving force. This is evident through his work with the environmental nonprofits he founded committed to changing behaviors of people, companies, and countries toward sustainability.

Starting his career in computer gaming in 1983, he revolutionized the industry by both creating Japan’s first Role-Playing Game (RPG) and bringing the legendary game Tetris to the world. Since then, Rogers has dedicated his career to research, development, advocacy, and implementation of regenerative approaches.

His Blue Planet Alliance in Honolulu led the efforts to pass the nation’s first 100% renewable energy law, mandating that the State of Hawaii achieve 100% renewable energy for electricity by 2045.

His newest initiative, Blue Planet Alliance (BPA), based out of New York City, is expanding BPF’s Hawaii-approach worldwide. BPA is developing projects that create a world in which humanity and nature live in harmony.

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