How to Navigate the Game Industry – A Growth Story


From being a 2D browser game to becoming a publicly traded game studio with a cross-platform Warhammer title, Trophy Games has gone through quite the transformation over the years.

So, how does this affect your business model, and how do you navigate through the ocean of publishers of the game industry?

Frederik Vig will tell you about the growth journey of Trophy Games, and how they became a successful self-publishing game studio.

Frederik Vig is CMO of Trophy Games, a game studio listed at the stock exchange Nasdaq First North.

He will take you through the ride of how Trophy Games built their own marketing team, share his first-hand experience on user acquisition across different game genres and platforms, and the way he challenges the general idea that game studios need a publisher to become successful.



November 1, 2022


2.10 PM – 2.30 PM  


Filmby Aarhus, Studio 1


Frederik Vig, CMO, Trophy Games

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